Things I’d Give a Kidney For

It’s day 2 of the blogging extravaganza and I once again got 4 hours of sleep.

On to the actual post Things I’d Give a Kidney For:

  • meet Chris Evans
  • meet Halsey
  • meet John Green
  • meet Jeff Garvin
  • actually getting enough sleep
  • good grades
  • unlimited books
  • meet Kaitlyn Alexander

8 thoughts on “Things I’d Give a Kidney For

  1. That would be awesome if all the people you wanted to meet were in one place. As for getting enough sleep and getting good grades, don’t forget about your mental health. I know that getting good grades is super important but it’s not the set definition of success or perfection. Don’t be afraid or beat yourself up if you take a day or two to sleep and regenerate.

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  2. UM. HALSEY??? WAIT. WAIT. KAITLYN ALEXANDER???? I don’t know many book people who like or know about these two. Thank you for following my blog. Can we best friends now??? Seriously. Have you watched Couple-ish? I’m currently missing it so much. It was so wonderful. Tell me your thoughts if you’ve watched. I also love their YouTube channel and their role as LaF in Carmilla.OMG, I’m fanning out so hard!!!

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