Captain America and Other Heroes

Spoilers ahead for Marvel and The 100

I lost 3 of my personal heroes recently, and it’s too much. I cried for hours about Lexa,then Peggy, and now Steve. Lexa is dead and I quit The 100 because of her. Peggy died about 3 weeks ago in CW and then again exactly a week later when her show was cancelled. I literally almost broke down crying in the middle of PT when I saw the news.

After school today, I was tearing up when I saw #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trending, and then again for #MakeReyAsexual. I was actually happy about something for once. This lasted about 30 minutes, when I saw the pic of Steve saying “Hail Hydra.”


I realize now that that might not actually be him, but at the time I didn’t. This picture on top of the fic I read last week with him making acephobic comments ruined how I see him. I’ve already cried almost 2 hours about it, but I can’t stop.

The point of this post though ¬†was that I looked up to all 3 so much, and I would be so different without them. I’m crying again, in case you were wondering.

Can you please just stop killing my heroes?

4 thoughts on “Captain America and Other Heroes

  1. I’ve never really been into Captian America, but when I saw all that recent controversy about it, I had to look it up and that’s a REALLY uncool direction to take the comics or whatever they actually are. I haven’t gotten far enough into the 100 to meet Lexa yet (but I already knew she died from Twitter spoilers), but that is incredibly unfortunate as well. I’m not sure who your other hero was, but I’m sorry about that too! I have been feeling this way lately too about some of my favorite characters and such. Here’s to hoping that the rest of your heroes remain alive and well and not ruined!

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  2. I’ve seen so many people share your opinion recently. When I saw the hashtags I understood how unrealistic it might be to hope for, but so many people got behind it that there was hope anyway. Then when the truth was confirmed, it fell off a cliff because Captain America being Hydra is like a death for him with people losing appreciation left right and centre. Such a shame.
    Enchanted by YA


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