Marvel Monday (Intro + #1)

So, I’m starting a thing here where I talk/rant about a Marvel related thing every (I’m going to actually try) Monday. You can comment or tweet me suggestions or things you want talked about.

Apparently the next Monday that I have open is July 4th, so I’ll talk about Steve I guess.



  • Born: July 4th, 1920
  • Codename: Captain America


I’m still f*cking upset that they made him a f*cking nazi. I didn’t like him when I first started watching the movies, but after The Avengers, I loved him. He was one of my first children, even though he’s ruined. I never read his comics, and now I never will, but seriously, a f*cking nazi. It’s so fucking disrespectful to both jewish fans and the creators who were jewish too. He was literally created to be anti-Hitler, and now he fucking supports him. No. I realize that he doesn’t exist, but he was one of my favorite heroes. Marvel, please just stop.

Also, pre-serum Steve was so pure and smol and deserves all love.

Edit: curses bleeped because this webside is blocked on my school wifi, but I need to use it for a school project

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