Port Lewis Witches | series review


  • Books
  • Format: ebooks and eARC (Unbroken)
  • Pages: varies
  • Genre: paranormal/fantasy erotica

This fucking series. Y’all. Okay, look, I’m asexual and reading this series for characters and worldbuilding, but like holy shit. I should probably break this down by book. Before I start however, I need to note the frequent use of sage by non-Indiginous characters. Smudging and use of sage are a Native practice and the use of it by non-Native characters is cultural appropriation.


I was very confused for much of the book, but I feel in love with the characters. Ryder is my actual child. I would die for him (he’d bring me back, but the sentiment counts. I mostly skimmed the sex scenes at first because I think I need to know characters well before I can enoy them doing the things.

ID: Cover of Darkling. Dark blue forest background with a white lit candle in front and 5 moons at the top.


Liam is also my child. Don’t question it. I finally started understanding the magic system and I’m loving it. Here, I knew both of the characters so I was actually invested in what they do in bed. You definitely need to read Darkling first or you’ll be lost on lots of the details.

ID: Cover of Undertow. Bluish-green water and 5 moons at the top.


Michael fucking Gates. This asshole. I love him. Same with Victor, my ghost/demon baby. At first I was nervous about the length and it started off slow, but once I got into it I didn’t want it to end. The ending was sort of sudden, but really good and leave room open for more (please let there be more.). My babies from the other books show p/are mentioned so read those first. Some of the plot details are mentioned in Predatory.

Unbroken says “monsterfucker rights.” I requested an ARC because I loved Venom and I definitely got vibes similar to those in the greatest romcom ever. Watch Venom and read this book.

ID: Cover of Unbroken. Skull with horns sitting on rose petals. Five moons at top.


This was my least favorite. Although I like the new information about Port Lewis that I learned, I don’t really care about Donovan. I was sort of confused by the relationship.

ID: Cover of Predatory. Tiger’s face in front of red background with five moons at top.

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