Discussion: School Required Reading

So this is the post I’ve been thinking/talking about for awhile.


Last week I tweeted a poll about school reading and only 9 people voted.

1 person loves them, 2 people hate them, 2 people said that it depends on the book, and3 people don’t care.

I sort of agree with the people who said it depends, but I think the fact that I’m being forced to read makes me automatically dislike the book.

Also, there are some books I might like but “dissecting” and analyzing them ruins it. i probably would have liked  To Kill a Mockingbird, but the fact that I had to analyze what Harper Lee was trying to say kind of ruined the book. This is basically my review for it and I gave it 2/5 stars.

What do you think about required reading?


P.S.: If you are my English teacher and you actually looked at my blog, hi.


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