Interview with Myself

Today is day 1 of a blogging extravaganza. The theme is an interview with myself.

  • What is your name?


  • How old are you?


  • What was the last book you started?

This Song Is (Not) For You

  • What is your favorite color?


  • What are you avoiding by doing this?

All of my homework including writing a research paper on book banning.

  • How much did you sleep last night?

About 3.5 to 4 hours

  • How many questions are left?

None, I’m done!

(The picture is from the link at top)

5 thoughts on “Interview with Myself

  1. AHAHA OMG SAME – I’m avoiding all my h/w right now by blogging! xD
    >.< I CANT BELIEVE YOU SLEPT SO LITTLE! :/ I honestly, can never function on 3.5-4 hours sleep – what are you omg, an owl or something?? :O
    Katie, it was nice to meet you! 🙂


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