A Farewell to the Selection Series

Thank you for The Selection series. It has seriously helped me through so much and has changed my life. America means so much to me. Thank you.

My life has changed so much because of these books and I’m starting to cry for the 3rd time because I will never see America again after The Crown. Okay, but seriously I can feel the tears.

Some characters I obviously liked more than others and there are some that i really just don’t like (*cough* Aspen *cough*), but both Maxon and America have been there for me forever.

I probably sound crazy, but has that thing ever happened to you where you become the main character of a book? Probably not, but still, it’s VERY rare that this happens to me, but, the first time it ever did was with these books.

Sorry for the interruption that you wouldn’t notice because this is online, but the words stopped flowing because of all of the pure feels I have right now. And the tears are back.

This series truly means so much to me and I’m so sad to have to say goodbye. I will miss you.

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