Guest Post// YA Reads

This is the first guest poster that I am hosting and it took a while to actually get the energy to post this, but sill, it happened. Thanks for writing this and sorry it took so long.

Here is the guest post by YA Reads:


Let me tell you about my favorite series of all time.


You’re probably thinking that I’m going to shout out Harry Potter or the Mortal Instruments series. Possibly even Twilight. Don’t be fooled, I love all of those book. I’ve reread both TMI and Twilight, although, I’m a bit too emotionally traumatised to reread Harry Potter. But, nope, none of those are my favorite series of all time. In fact, my favorite series of all time isn’t even a YA book, it’s an adult paranormal.


Meet my favorite series of all time: The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. If you follow me over at YaReads, you’ve seen me go on and on about this series to no end. There’s a reason to that. It’s the best. Plain and simple.


Okay, Okay, the first book starts out a liiiiiiiiiiittle slowly. The first 100 pages or so are a bit of a dud. After that, though? HOLY SMOKES. SO. GOOD. And there’s 13 books! Yes, you heard me correctly. 13!!!! They just keep getting better and better, too.


What I love about the Women of the Otherworld series it the mix of characters. You’re not always reading about Elena and Clay. Sometimes, they’re about Paige and Lucas. Other times, Savannah/Adam or Hope/Karl. There’s a whole bunch of characters to read about! By far, my favorite couple is Hope and Karl. SWOOOOOON. It annoys me to no end that Hope and Karl aren’t even a thing in the TV show. I mean, they INCLUDED Karl, but should I really care? He was around for like one episode…


Speaking of the TV show, pleeeeeeeeeeease don’t base your opinion of this series on that travesty. The first and the third season SUCK. The second season was pretty good, but it changed a whole bunch of stuff. And the third season has a whole storyline that never even existed in the book. The acting is sub par at best. I mean, it’s super exciting that I had the opportunity for my favorite series to be turned into a TV show, but it’s just not that good………


Another thing that I love about the Women of the Otherworld series is ALL OF THE MAGIC AND MYSTERY! So much happens throughout this whole series. There are loads of supernatural creatures and magical goodness all throughout the series. SO WORTH IT!


I hope that I’ve persuaded you to read the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong! When you’re done, you can check out her YA series, The Darkest Powers series. Mostly everything this lady writes is excellence!


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