Review // Wild


  • Wild by Hannah Moskowitz
  • format: eARC
  • source: author
  • pages: 228
  • genre: contemporary
  • amazon
  • goodreads
  • stars: 1000/5



Zack Ramos is training for two things: being a parent to his twelve-year-old sister once his mother’s early-onset Alzheimer’s (the same kind he and his sister each have a 50% chance of developing–but let’s not think about that) progresses too far, and running a one hundred mile race through the mountains of Tennessee. His support system is longtime girlfriend Jordan Jonas, who’s sweet, sarcastic, and entirely virtual. They’ve been talking for years but still have never met in person. Because Jordan, it turns out, was still waiting for the right time to tell him that she’s Deaf.

The revelation brings them closer together, and Zack throws himself into learning sign language and trying to navigate their way through their different cultures. But with the stress of a tumultuous relationship, a new language, a sick mother, and his uncertain future, there’s going to be a breaking point…and it might be out there in the Tennessee wild.

From the author of critically-acclaimed books like TEETH, BREAK, and A HISTORY OF GLITTER AND BLOOD comes a story about what happens when love takes you off the beaten track…way, way off.


Fam. This book. Okay, fine, you want coherenter thoughts. Here you go.

WILD was amazing, like holy sh*t. The characters were so well developed. Every character felt like they could be a legit person. Especially Zack, Jordan, and my smol baby, Gin. The plot flowed so well that I couldn’t even like pick out the specific acts and stuff.  I legit wish the book never ended.

The book was also super duper diverse and had lots of #ownvoices aspects. Both Zack and Jordan are bi and Jordan is also Jewish. But, for non ownvoices diversity, Zack is Filipino (I think) and Jordan is Deaf.

Back to the characters being well developed, near the end of the book, Zack gets really anxious and the scene was so well written that I started absorbing his emotions, which rarely happens.

I would definitely recommend this book to every sing person in the universe.

This review was in no way influenced by the fact that I am friends with the author 

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