Broody BFF // How We Met

I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m like actually writing a legit post. Holy shit!

Now that your surprisedness is over, the actual post.

I recently joined the street team for everyone’s fave, Brooding YA Hero, so, I thought I’d tell y’all how we met. Here it goes.

I was casually strolling in the woods near my house one day, as every protagonist does, and I heard someone saying something. Naturally, I followed the voice until I saw this boy sitting on a tree stump. I wasn’t scared of him at all, because seriously, what normal teenager is scared of a boy sitting on a tree stump in the creepily quiet woods. We started talking and I realized we had a lot in common, so I brought him back to my house because as I learned during our conversation, he is from a different dimension.

So yeah, that’s how it all started. We’ve been living happily ever after since then. Well at least until our next book.

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