Review // The Traitor’s Tunnel


  • Traitor’s Tunnel by C.M. Spivey
  • format: eARC
  • source: author
  • genre: fantasy?
  • goodreads
  • stars: 2.5


Witch-blooded robber Bridget has made a reputation for herself in the capital city, but she’s not interested in the attention of the Thieves’ Guild–and she’s not bothered by the rumors of urchin kidnappings, either. With winter coming, she’s looking out for herself and no one else.

Until she picks the wrong pocket, and recognizes her estranged brother Teddy.

Young craftsman Theodor arrives in the capital ready to take the final step toward his dream career as Lord Engineer of Arido. His apprenticeship with a renowned city engineer comes with new rules and challenges, but it’s worth it for the exposure to the Imperial Council.

While spying on her brother, Bridget overhears a secret meeting that reveals a cruel plot. After more than a decade apart, Theodor and Bridget must reunite to stop a traitor whose plan threatens not only their city, but the whole empire.
Set seven years before the events of From Under the Mountain, The Traitor’s Tunnel is the story of two young people presented with a choice–to protect themselves, or to protect others–the consequences of which will change their lives forever.


I knew this was part of a series before I read it, but I thought I would understand it without reading the actual series because it’s a prequel. Nope. The book itself was probably good, but I was just really confused the entire time. The worldbuilding just wasn’t there, like, at all. The basis seemed cool though. I liked the characters, even though I couldn’t really tell who was who. The one saving factor of the book though was the fact that it was highkey queer. In one of the earlier chapters, someone even introduces herself and includes her pronouns. The book overall was eh, but queer af.

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