Broody BFF // Top 5 Favorite Tropes

As you all know, I’m part of Broody YA Hero’s street team and challenge 2 has been assigned so like yeah. The challenge was for favorite romance tropes, but I obvs don’t like romance, so I’m doing my favorite tropes in YA. (shhh… this isn’t cheating)

  1. Chosen One
    • I actually like this one for some reason
    • idk if it counts, but I highkey loved The Selection
  2. Insta-Love
    • this is technically romance, but like insta-love is lowkey fun to read
  3. Soulmates
    • this is also romance, but like if it involves soulmates, you bet your ass I’m going to read it (since when do I say “you bet your ass”?????)
  4. Greek Mythology
    • fine, this isn’t really a trope, but give me all of your greek mythology or retellings
    • but like Song of Achilles ❤
    • like especially if its Hades and Persephone
  5. Unknown Powers
    • this is basically chosen one, but if its written well, you’ll have me hooked
    • most of these are pre revolution (before 2012), but still

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