100th Post

Long time no see? My friend that I’m hanging out with currently mentioned that she had a blog (go check her out at https://www.abbyunfiltered.com/) and I remembered that this existed. I checked my stats and realized I posted 99 times. I should probably update the 5 of you that still care while I’m here anyways.

Junior year is over and holy shit. I’m a senior. I am currently at Brown for 6 weeks taking classes and avoiding the work I should be doing. BookCon was last month and I hung out with Taylor, my best friend, and Mars. I also got to meet Cody  and Rachel.

I actually wrote some quality essays in school this year if anyone is interested in reading them. I need to actually read and write my research critique but all I want to do is listen to Welcome to Degrassi. Hannah and Benni have been peer pressuring me into watching Queer As Folk (and also to get my bra size measured I SWEAR I WILL SO SHHH). So I’ve been watching that. I recently finished Alexa and Katie, which is super cute, and I want to catch up on Project MC². 

This is probably one of my longest posts ever but to be fair, I haven’t posted since January (also I’m using this as a form of procrastination).

I’ve gotten into bullet journaling if anyone’s interested. I haven’t been sleeping much. Well, technically I’ve been sleeping more than normal but it doesn’t feel like it. I should probably do homework but ugh. My essay is due in like 3 hours and I’m probably going to use Benni’s approach of leaving an hour for every page plus one extra hour. I also need to read 3 cases and my summer reading book. I should probably go but this is more fun. I feel like I’m rambling but oops. I’m so fucking tired. My laptop is at 46% so I really should go and work but ughhhh. I can’t believe this is over 300 words so far.

I’m actually going to go now s I can get the internet to yell at me to write. See you next month (hopefully).

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