Fanfic Fun #1

This post is the first in a brand new series here on Bookishly Thinking. Fanfic Fun is where I write reviews of fanfiction that I have enjoyed and want to reccommend. Maybe this will get me out of my blogging slump. Who knows?

I’m starting this series with a solid fic. At 70,638 words, this Harley Keener/Peter Parker fic will take a good chunk of time to read. I read it as it updated, but it was worth the weekly wait.

roses on wrists / Our Solo Hearts is Harley/Peter but with a twist of secret identity and soulmates. Basically, Peter and Harley are soulmates but they don’t realize it. Both frequently talk to their soulmate, but Peter doesn’t realize that Harley is his Rose and Harley doesn’t realize that Peter is his Solo.

There is quality IronDad content and so many science kids like Shuri and MJ and Ned. Also in the adopted children squad is Harry Osborne and Flash Thompson who themselves are soulmates.

I highly reccommend this fic, but be warned that a few chapters deal with homophobic violence, homophobia on its own, and Peter gets injured towards the end. There is also reference to self harm at one point.

Overal 10/10 for quality yearning and soulmates and also IronDad.

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